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So today April 11th 2017 marks 100 days after new year. What have you done to better yourself?  What have you done that you are proud of?  What have you done for someone else? 

This is a log of what I have been doing on the list 24-before-24 

1. I finally collected my passport after applying for it 2 years ago. So we about to start going international…. Anyone who knows of a low budget trip to an exciting place hit me up  ☺

2. I got my voters card .. I know at my age I should have this already but I didn’t vote during the last election. Reason being; I lost my national ID a few months to the election and all Kenyans know it takes months to get your ID replaced.

3. I passed my drive’s test… So I can now drive a car professionally 😀. Road trip anyone ?? 😊

4. I finished reading this book. I am aiming to read 3 books this year, at this rate I will read more books.

5. On improving my French, I switched my Facebook language from English to Française. I still post in English but everything else is in French. It’s a quick and easy way of  learning a new language. I’ll do this till all my apps and phone is in French.

6. Getting 2K followers for Kaberezh Styles. For all who don’t know Kaberezh Styles and Creations is an online shop that I began. I sell jewelry, custom made sweatshirts and college jackets plus I recently started styling. I have 3 social media sites Facebook, Instagram and recently Twitter.. The following is as follows




So head over to our social media sites and follow.

7. So with all I have done above,there are several draft posts am yet to publish. I will definitely have to come up with publishing schedule.

Bye bye…

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