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Have you ever been tired of praying and believing God for a breakthrough… Well, I have. I was praying for a job for a while and when I was almost giving up I decided to give God a deadline. I told him I want a job before Valentine’s Day this year and guess what…. It worked. I got an internship offer from Advance Public Relations And Marketing. ☺ ☺ 

Advance Public Relations And Marketing is a PR and marketing firm located at Bandari Plaza, Woodvale Groove, Westlands.

Transitioning from Oxygène to APR&M was a bit challenging. At APR&AM it’s a more strict work environment with a handful of employees to add on it, it’s a no pay internship.. So when you decide to come here, you come to work.

Advantage of working with a small team is that you are given tasks and projects to work on. You are accountable for your own work so the ‘I am just an intern’ excuse will not work here.

Also working for free builds character. You get to know the worth of hard work instead of working for money.

Significant projects I have been involved in:

  1. Planning, managing and attending the Board of registration of architects and quantity surveyors (BORAQS) strategic plan, Architects & Quantity Surveyors training manuals and Smart Card launch in collaboration with National Bank event.
  2. Planning, managing and attending the Mabati Rolling Mill (MRM) annual golf tournament held at Muthaiga Country Club.
  3. Planning the Architectural Society  of Kenya (AAK) annual golf tournament.
  4. Sourcing for sponsorship for events.
  5. Writing proposals, corporate invitation letters and contracts.

As you can see, I have done a lot of event management, it’s really fun but very hectic in the planning stages.

My experience here is definitely unforgettable. I have definitely improved my writing skills and communicating my ideas better.

Lessons learned :

  1. The right synergy of people make an event successful.
  2. It’s important to have both corporate and media contacts.
  3. The best way to learn is by asking questions.
  4. Your boss is human too, always smile and say hello. 

If you are willing to learn and work your brains out then Advance Public Relations And Marketing is the place for you.


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