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Our final burger fest location was Brew Bistro, Westlands.

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Lets just dive in. First thing first cocktail time. We didn’t have cocktails this time, instead we had their craft beer. this is beer they make.

Burger time,  Eric had the double beef burger with normal fries while I had the chicken waffle burger with spicy fries.

Yes I said waffle, that thing that you would normally have for breakfast. Let’s have a closer look at the burgers. Mine had waffles as the buns , the fillings was chicken and bacon.  


His burger was a basic beef burger. Honestly out of all the beef burgers I have had, these was really juicy.


So someone kept eating my spicy fries. I won’t mention any names.


Damn! That chicken waffle burger was just heaven. I am not exaggerating, ok I kinda am but you have to try out that burger. Their beer was really good, I had the light beer which was smooth and light.


  • The chicken waffle burger was not only unique but also really delicious
  • The service was really good and timely


  • The sitting area is quite small compared to the amount of traffic they get


  • This place gets packed after 5pm. So if you want chilled vibes and quick service come before that time


  • They are clean.


See ya !!

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