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I love cake…. Like love love. So when the organizers of Cake Festival called me and asked if I’d like to attend the event as a freelance blogger, I said YES!!

What is The Cake Festival? Let me put it in a very simple way. It’s an annual event where you spend the entire day sampling some of the best cakes Kenya has to offer and proceeds go to educating kids from the Edumed Trust.

So if you love charity work, then this is one of the best activities you can do. Just eat cake and a kid goes to school. ☺

First of all the event was held at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) headquarters. For such events it’s more fun with good company, so for me I definitely had to go with my better half Gina. Btw we don’t have the same hairstyle, it just looks similar. 

Let’s dive into the cakes. There where so many stands, like so so many. When I say many I mean 100 plus.

So what was the procedure? You just line up at any tent you wanted and you got free samples. That’s it.

So every stand had free samples and some also included cakes for sale, just in case you liked the cake so much. Some stands had what I would call, beautification cakes. These are cakes that are there to be displayed. The decorations on these cakes ranged from simple to impressive. Below are a few samples.

Btw, you haven’t seen the best one yet. Keep reading.


There was more than cake displayed at the event.

There were beverage stands, so don’t worry no one chocked.

The Choco Promo by Zesta was the only drink you could sample. Btw their custard on cake was 8/10 . Next time you want to sweeten up that cake you bought at the  supermarket, try it.

The Fruit Drop juices was my fav beverage. I was gladly surprised they didn’t overprice the juices. The small cup was Kes.50 while the large one was Kes.100. Let’s just say I got juiced up!

My highlights of the event.

I just found the answer to my wild cravings and how to snack while on my diet and not feel guilty. This company is called Brown Cakes, not because the cakes are brown but because they use brown flour yaani wholegrain flour. Lemme just add a few key points the cakes are gluten free, egg free, sugar free and dairy free, on top of all that they are so delicious. Let’s eat cake and don’t add weight.

When it came to cake decoration, this was the most impressive stand for me. They are called Pat’s Cake Ville. They took the fancy instagram cake and brought them to our reality. The cake taste as good as they look. Next time I’m having a party I’m going for them, sorry Valentine Cake House your cakes may be better but these are more visually appealing.

There was free ice cream from Dairyland!!!  Should I even say more. I am not ashamed to say I visited this stand a few times.  If you love cake/ cookies in your ice cream then you must try the Biscotti flavour and if you want something new try the Caramel with nuts.

Carex have two new products in their hand wash collection. Bubble gum and strawberry. They smell so so so yummy, you will be tempted to eat it. Btw in case you come to visit me, please bring me the bubble gum scent as a gift.

There’s no way you can come to KWS headquarters and don’t go to see the animals. So for this, there was an offer to enter the Animal Orphanage and Safari Walk for all who had wristbands for the event. We only paid Kes.100 to enter the Animal Orphanage instead of Kes.300.

As I said earlier there was more than just cake. So if you wanted food there was a sharwama stand and at there was a variety of food at the food court.

Plus I finally got to meet and interact with one of my social media friends, Caleb aka Daktari Bila Manywele.

Tip: So if you ever want to meet your friends or followers from social media, it’s always a good idea to invite them for such public events.

All in all, I had so much fun at the event, can’t wait for the next one.