August 8th 2017, was Kenya’s General Elections.  I am proud to say I took part in it and exercised my civic duty.

Yes, it is my first time voting and I was excited. I ensured I had all necessary documents the day before and even went to the polling station the night before (Monday) to confirm my name was on the list.  The excitement in the people in my neighborhood was on another level, these guys were blowing vuvuzelas at 3am!!! While others were already at the queue by 4am.

I saw a ‘wise’ post on Facebook that goes, “I will find a shorter queue at 2pm than at 6am”. True to those words the queue at my polling station was long ’till 1pm.
I leisurely arrived  to the polling station at 4pm. Trust me when I say this I was out of there in five minutes.

So now we just wait for the results.
I have canceled one  more thing on my bucket list

Keep up with the list 


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